Smaller Government

The South African government has become an overgrown monster. At every level of government there are committees within committees within sub committees. There is a “task team” to investigate every one of these committees, because they have not been doing what they were supposed to be doing. Government keeps appointing new people to positions under the banner of “Job creation”, but in actual fact it is more about cadre deployment and “sharing the wealth”, which was hard earned by toil and sweat in the private sector. Being a career politician is the major aspiration of most youths, as you can get in and get paid without having any qualifications. Our government has become a tool for distributing hard earned money from the corporate sector and taxpayers, to slackers and manipulators in governmental positions. I believe in cutting the size of the government drastically, and only keep what is essential. I also believe in cutting the salaries of all governmental posts drastically, this will help politicians to not be in it “for the money”, but to make an impact. Why does the South African president earn more than the president of the United States of America? It’s ridiculous to say the least.


Once you start cutting on government and government expenditure, you can start cutting taxes. Less taxes is the key to economic growth, as it will enable entrepreneurs to invest more in their ventures and workforce, create millions of jobs, and create a sense of accomplishment for your hard earned income. So many South Africans pay up to 40% of their total income in tax. This is daylight robbery, for the government to take half of what you earned through honest, hard work. I believe in doing away with the incremental tax system, and implement a flat tax for all taxpaying citizens. This will be an honest system, as each person will then pay taxes proportional to their means. It will encourage growth in the economy, as you will be able to keep your share of what you earn, no matter how much it is.

Zero tolerance with crime

After apartheid, everyone in South Africa (especially the opposition parties) keep fighting “for human rights”, and in doing so, they increase the rights of the criminal, and decrease the rights of law enforcement. I believe in a zero tolerance with crime and criminals. It is the responsibility of a government to protect it’s people, and this can only be done if there is zero tolerance with crime. Every offence, no matter how small, must be handled. In doing this you will stop criminals from swerving to more and more severe crime.

Death Penalty

Reinstate the death penalty in cases of murder and rape. The government has the responsibility to protect it’s people, this can only be done if the most violent aspects of society are removed completely. It will also be deterrent to partake in violent crime. A constitutional amendment will be needed in order for this to be implemented.

Firearm Laws

Each South African should be given the ability to protect themselves and those closest to them. I therefore suggest loosening the firearm laws. Make it easy for any citizen to legally obtain a firearm. Legally purchased firearms will be easy to track and trace, and can be controlled a lot better than the masses of illegal firearms we currently have in the nation.


The abortion of human beings in the womb is murder. The practise of abortion has to be outlawed in South Africa completely. Legalizing abortion leads to a devaluation of human life. As per our current constitution, you have a “right to life”, why then do we allow the murder of millions of innocent human beings? Death penalty should only be given to perpetrators found guilty of extreme violent crimes, and not to innocent babies for merely existing.


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