ZA Right View was born from a frustration with the dominant socialist, left-leaning politics in South Africa. There is a serious need for a voice and contributions from the centre-to-right. South Africans are in actual fact considerably conservative in many aspects, but the current political environment does not allow conservatives and the conservative viewpoint to be heard. ZA Right View wishes to address this problem by stirring up the conservative in so many South Africans, to create meaningful input and conversation on the state of the nation, and how to change it.

The Author

Nico Smit is an entrepreneur residing in the Western Cape. With his studies in Computer Science at the University of Stellenbosch as background, he started a software development company with colleagues in 2008, Anvil Studios, where he is still working as director.
In 2012 Nico founded ProLife Generation, a non profit organization which solely exists to abolish and combat the abortion industry and legalization of abortion in South Africa. He currently operates as chairman of the board at ProLife Generation.
Nico is a family man – husband to a beautiful wife, father to a wonderful son, and master of a rebellious cat.

“I hate politics, but I love the ability to make an impact on a national and international scale. Politics is a necessary evil in the times we live in, a vehicle for change that you can choose to ignore, observe, or drive. What will your choice be?”


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